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Trinnov to showcase its new revolutionary technology at ISE

9 January 2023

Posted in: Events | Product News

Paris, France - Trinnov Audio will demonstrate its new groundbreaking acoustic processing technology, based on years of research, at ISE 2023 (booth 2... Continue reading ⟶

New Software update for the Altitude Platform

26 October 2022

Posted in: Product News

Software version will be available on Wednesday the 2nd of November to all Altitude16 and Altitude32 owners. Because of Trinnov’s unique ... Continue reading ⟶

The Altitude platform is Platinum Certified for MadVR Envy

25 September 2022

Posted in: Product News

madVR Labs recently announced the immediate availability of its Certified for Envy program in the program’s “AVR/AVP” category. The program wil... Continue reading ⟶

Upgradable D-MON extends support for Dolby Atmos

4 November 2021

Posted in: Product News

Paris, France – November 4, 2021 - Trinnov Audio, announces a complete change of its D-MON Processor range and new features to meet studio requireme... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov announces a 16-channel power amplifier

4 October 2021

Posted in: Product News

Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce the release of a new high channel count power amplifier, the Amplitude16. Designed for immersive home theaters,... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov announces 4 extra channels for the Altitude Platform

17 September 2021

Posted in: Product News

Last edited on November 17th. Two Major Features Added in the Upcoming Altitude software release  Trinnov’s next software release will add two ma... Continue reading ⟶

La Remote presentation Videos by Ashley Shepherd

16 June 2021

Posted in: Videos | Product News

A product description is great, but does not match a proper presentation video. In this short series of videos, Ashley Shepherd does a fantastic job ... Continue reading ⟶

New Software Update available for La Remote

21 April 2021

Posted in: Product News

A new software update is available for La Remote and includes the following. New Features: Invert video option added for the display Setup mode f... Continue reading ⟶

Home Automation Driver Suite with Crestron

19 April 2021

Posted in: Product News

Trinnov completes its line up of home automation drivers with the release of the fully certified Crestron Home driver by our partner Janus Technology.... Continue reading ⟶

The Altitude Platform advances in 2021

16 March 2021

Posted in: Product News

The Altitude Platform advances in 2021 Despite the global challenges that COVID 19 presented, 2020 was an exceptionally productive year for Trinnov... Continue reading ⟶

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