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Trinnov adds major update to WaveForming

18 January 2024
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Paris, France - a year after the introduction of WaveForming and its unique way of controlling wave propagation, Trinnov Audio is introducing WaveForming’s new patent-pending Pressurization mode. The company’s leading active acoustic technology will be revealed in an active 13.14.6 channel home cinema system at ISE 2024 (booth 2C500) in partnership with Krix, Officina Acustica & Barco.

Trinnov advances audio reproduction with WaveForming Pressurization TM

And adds this new technology to its range of active acoustic solutions, addressing each acoustic behavior with a unique, dedicated technology.

In the past 12 months, Trinnov has selectively released WaveForming to expert partners and a few qualified beta testers with a demanding, professional and methodical approach. This has enabled Trinnov to refine key parameters and confirm the fundamental superiority of its approach. Now, a year after its initial introduction, Trinnov Audio increases the performance gap with the introduction of Pressurization, its new patent-pending technology, at ISE 2024.

Pressurization adds to the range of active acoustic technologies from Trinnov Audio, making available, for the first time, a dedicated technology to address each of the different acoustic behaviors in home cinema rooms:

  • WaveForming - Pressurization leverages the power of every subwoofer installed in the room in compliance with WaveForming’s subwoofer placement guidelines, maximizing the performance of the system below the room’s first mode, adding impact, pressure, and efficiency, including infrasonic bass.
  • WaveForming - Propagation does not merely mitigate, but eliminates the room's modal response between the first mode and up to 100Hz, where room modes are the most problematic. In this region, the acoustics are perfectly predictable from a physical standpoint, which enables WaveForming to control 100% of the sound field and simply remove room modes. Propagation leverages multiple exclusive concepts from Trinnov, including Multiple Sources, Multiple Controllers. WaveForming also controls decay up to 200Hz
  • The Optimizer performs several functions:
    • It uses both Pressurization and Propagation modes of WaveForming to achieve global balance and optimal performance in the time and frequency domains across the entire bandwidth.
    • It also mitigates broader acoustic issues which are more perceptual and complex, ranging from electron-acoustic problems such as active-crossover alignment and diffraction issues to psychoacoustic issues. It does this by treating the direct sound, early reflection, and power responses of the room (diffuse field) with multiple appropriate techniques.  


Pressurization demo at ISE

It is easy to demonstrate the benefits of digital correction technologies in a poor acoustic environment, where there is massive room for improvement.

In our common quest for excellence, Krix, Officina Acustica and Trinnov will meaningfully demonstrate how passive and active acoustics work together to deliver the best experience. And to show what technology can bring to the best acoustically designed room one can get.  

Here is more information about our partnership and demonstration at booth 2C500.


WaveForming to be publicly released in 2024

In parallel and after revealing Subwoofer placement guidelines at CEDIA, Trinnov is now working on enabling the use of WaveForming in rooms with less than ideal subwoofer placement to still achieve the best possible performance. WaveForming will become available to all Altitude owners later in 2024.

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