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Fixing the low-end with Trinnov D-MON - Daniel Dettwiler

17 July 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

We went to Switzerland to interview Daniel Dettwiler at Idee und Klang, Daniel’s high-end mixing/mastering studio. He is specialized in the producti... Continue reading ⟶

Reference WaveForming Room at Pulse Cinemas

10 July 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

We recently paid a visit to our partner Pulse Cinemas in the UK. Being equipped with an Altitude32 and a best-in-class Krix speaker system, their sh... Continue reading ⟶

Day One with NOVA: First Thoughts with Daniel Nesci

26 June 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Daniel Nesci is an Australian-born producer and mix engineer. With over 14 years as a guitarist and six years as a producer, his career has spanned v... Continue reading ⟶

It's About Time #5: Impulse Response

26 June 2024

Posted in: Technical Articles

In this final article of the It's About Time series, we will see that time domain is extremely important not only among multiple speakers but also wit... Continue reading ⟶

WaveForming to be integrated in The Cinema Designer

29 May 2024

Posted in: Product News

We are pleased to announce that in a major upcoming update, The Cinema Designer (TCD) will include WaveForming subwoofer placement as part of its lar... Continue reading ⟶

Thank you for attending HIGH-END Munich 2024!

20 May 2024

Posted in: Events

Demonstration of a new form of WaveForming After a successful HIGH-END Munich 2024, we want to thank everyone who visited our booth and attended our ... Continue reading ⟶

MPG Mix Engineer of The Year Manon Grandjean About NOVA

16 May 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Manon Grandjean is a French award-winning mixing & mastering engineer based in London. In the past 10 years, she has been involved in 6 UK number... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov reinforces Research & Development

13 May 2024

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

Trinnov Audio is known for its range of digital audio processors although the company is primarily a technology company, designing and developing adva... Continue reading ⟶

It's About Time #4: Subwoofers Time Alignment

7 May 2024

Posted in: Technical Articles

The previous It's About Time articles covered two essential concepts in time alignment: speaker alignment and driver alignment. Let's now focus on how... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov expands WaveForming applications at HIGH-END Munich

29 April 2024

Posted in: Events

France - Denmark, April 29th, 2024 - In partnership with Perlisten, Trinnov will debut a new form of WaveForming at the Munich High-End show, from Ma... Continue reading ⟶

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