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Meet Perlisten and Trinnov at High-End Munich 2024

17 April 2024

Posted in: Events

Two of the leading and respected audio pioneers have joined forces to showcase the most advanced and high-performing immersive home theater demo ever ... Continue reading ⟶

WaveForming Online Design Tool

16 April 2024

Posted in: Product News

Paris, France – April 16, 2024 – Trinnov Audio, a global leader in advanced audio processors for home theater, high-end audio, and commercial cine... Continue reading ⟶

New 4.3.2 update soon available for Trinnov Ovation2 cinema processor

3 April 2024

Posted in: Product News

Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce a significant advancement in our Optimizer calibration software for the Ovation2 cinema processor. The 4.3.2 sof... Continue reading ⟶

It's About Time #1: Speaker Time Alignment

22 March 2024

Posted in: Technical Articles

In the previous "It's About Time", we introduced the concept of time alignment and the basics of how our ears perceive sound in such a way that they a... Continue reading ⟶

Secrets of Mixing Grammy Award Atmos Records with Fab Dupont

19 March 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Fab Dupont (also known as "Fabulous" Fab) is an award-winning French Mixing Engineer and Record Producer. He has worked with an extensive list of inte... Continue reading ⟶

Audiogene introduces WaveForming in Brazil

6 March 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Last February, our distributor in Brazil hosted a dealer event and press presentation of WaveForming in their newly upgraded showroom. Audiogene’s... Continue reading ⟶

It's About Time - A Series About Time Alignment

28 February 2024

Posted in: Technical Articles

It's About Time is a series of technical articles aiming at explaining an essential yet less well understood concept: time alignment. We will go over... Continue reading ⟶

Yann Tiersen Monitoring International Film Scores With Trinnov

17 February 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Yann Tiersen is a French musician and composer who gained international recognition for film soundtracks ("Amélie" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet) as well as ... Continue reading ⟶

3 Trinnov Home Theaters by Kuwait's AV Leader Pro Home Cinema

3 February 2024

Posted in: Case Studies

Kuwait's leading residental AV company Pro Home Cinema agreed to share the story behind three home theaters they have designed for their clients: Ahme... Continue reading ⟶

Multiple demonstrations using Altitude at ISE 2024

24 January 2024

Posted in: Events

In addition to our main ISE 2024 demonstration, we are proud to support multiple speaker manufacturers with Altitude processors at the upcoming ISE 20... Continue reading ⟶

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