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The Altitude Platform wins a 2021 TNT Residential Award

3 June 2021

Posted in: Events

The TNT Residential Award program is designed to help custom integrators in their product decision-making process by highlighting the best products av... Continue reading ⟶

Immersive Audio in Gaming and Simulation Systems

17 May 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

Immersive audio is not just for TV and Movies. Many other applications take advantage of using 3D or Immersive Audio formats to deliver content to con... Continue reading ⟶

Krix - Epic Scale Cinema

6 May 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

Now and then a home cinema project comes along that has few restrictions… a clean slate for the designer to create something unique One such projec... Continue reading ⟶

What is the difference between DTS:X and DTS:X Pro?

27 April 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

DTS:X and DTS:X Pro are different even though they share the same foundations. This article is intended to explain in detail the differences between ... Continue reading ⟶

New Software Update available for La Remote

21 April 2021

Posted in: Product News

A new software update is available for La Remote and includes the following. New Features: Invert video option added for the display Setup mode f... Continue reading ⟶

What is Immersive Sound?

20 April 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

The latest buzzwords in high-performance home theater include terms like “Immersive Sound” and “3D Sound.” What do these terms mean, and where... Continue reading ⟶

Home Automation Driver Suite with Crestron

19 April 2021

Posted in: Product News

Trinnov completes its line up of home automation drivers with the release of the fully certified Crestron Home driver by our partner Janus Technology.... Continue reading ⟶

Clarity - Unconventional Private Cinema

16 April 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

Unconventional Private Cinema Entertainment AV systems are often integrated in living spaces, otherwise known as lifestyle AV systems. In some other ... Continue reading ⟶

Cameron Jenkins

17 March 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

Cameron Jenkins is the founder of independent record label Stranger Records. His label, production, songwriting and musician credits includes Lana De... Continue reading ⟶

Audio over IP for Home Theater Applications

16 March 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

Introduction In this blog post, we aim to address the growing requirement for Audio over IP in Home theater applications. We will discuss the pros an... Continue reading ⟶

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