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Thank you for attending HIGH-END Munich 2024!

20 May 2024

Demonstration of a new form of WaveForming

After a successful HIGH-END Munich 2024, we want to thank everyone who visited our booth and attended our WaveForming demonstration. 

This demonstration aimed at showcasing a new less restrictive form of WaveForming, with all subwoofers on the ground distributed along the width of the room both at the front and the back of the listening areas. In fact, the room included 3 rows of seats, which is purposely more than what we recommend with this approach. Most feedback was extremely positive, starting with our partner from Perlisten who were very pleased with the results. 

 The results sounded expectedly amazing, with incredible bass impact and uniformity from seat to seat. The detail and the movement of directional cues were as clear as could be. - Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity


A special mention to our dear partner Perlisten for the exquisite speaker system they put in place. We also want to warmly thank Audio Reference for having us on their booth.

Partner demonstrations 

In addition to this home cinema, our products were also used in two other demonstrations.

Potar used an Altitude32 and an Amplitude16 to demonstrate its brand-new flagship product Radipotar, an active 3-way high-end loudspeaker.

Monitor Audio used a Trinnov Altitude16 and a Trinnov Amplitude16 for its 7.2.4 immersive demonstration.

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