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WaveForming to be integrated in The Cinema Designer

29 May 2024
Product News

We are pleased to announce that in a major upcoming update, The Cinema Designer (TCD) will include WaveForming subwoofer placement as part of its large set of design options.

WaveForming has already been installed in a hundred cinemas despite the technology not being publicly available yet, and the adoption is increasing rapidly.


"WaveForming truly is a major step forward in terms of bass performance. Getting the design and installation fundamentally correct requires effort and dedication, which fits precisely into Trinnov’s long standing design-led approach. This is certainly a mission we share with The Cinema Designer and we are confident the inclusion of WaveForming into TCD will accelerate the adoption of this industry defining technology. This is the second time TCD updates have supported our efforts to elevate cinema design ensuring higher performance and we are immensely grateful to collaborate with TCD and have WaveForming included in this major update" said Dave Pedigo, COO at Trinnov US."

TCD does help home cinema specialists include WaveForming in their design in just a few clicks,  based on our own placement recommendations. The calculation and placement of the subwoofers can be visualized, and even updated based on other design parameters changes, in 3D,  which is incredibly helpful.


I have to say we have loved the relationship that we have with our supportive manufacturers and none more so that of Trinnov. They have trusted us, believed in us and supported us from the beginning. So between us and those wonderful people in Paris, we decided to build a Trinnov WaveForming design tool right inside TCD. So if you’re after flawless bass response across multiple seats (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), then THIS is a truly brilliant solution.” added Guy Singleton, owner of The Cinema Designer

Watch out for the official release of TCD’s latest version in a few days!

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