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Trinnov Certification Program


Trinnov Audio has a long history of educating the three verticals we serve Pro Audio, Commercial Cinema, and Home Theater.

In the spring of 2023, Trinnov won a CE Pro's Quest for Quality: Best Training Program award.

However, Trinnov's leadership decided to take the next step and create a certification program that verifies an individual's knowledge and proficiency in installing, calibrating, and fine-tuning a Trinnov processor(s).

Why Certification?


While the Trinnov platform in any vertical is intuitive and straightforward to commission, there are many options an installer or calibrator can make within the Optimizer platform to both maximize performance and tailor the system to the client's desires. By standardizing the training and examination process at Trinnov Audio, end users can rest assured knowing their installer or calibrator holds Trinnov certification for their product.

Throughout 2023 and into 2024, Trinnov is rolling out certification programs for Pro Audio, Commercial Cinema, and Home Theater.

Each market (Pro Audio, Commercial Cinema, and Home Theater) will have at least two levels of certification.

Who is certification for?


The Trinnov Certification program is only available to authorized Trinnov dealers and is not available to end users. The level one training and certification program is free of charge and offered in both in-person and online formats. Regardless of class format (online or face-to-face), both classes include extensive hands-on training.

For the online classes, students will calibrate a system remotely using my.trinnov.com. Level two certification classes and beyond will only be offered face-to-face in order to demonstrate proficiency in advanced calibration and fine-tuning

Certification Level 1


No matter the market, anyone holding a Trinnov Level 1 certification has demonstrated the knowledge needed to configure, calibrate, and fine-tune a Trinnov processor, ensuring they leave the job site with delighted customers.

Presently, only the Level 1 High-End certification is completed and being offered. You can find the Level 1 High-End syllabus below, which lays out all topics covered in the eight-hour class. The Level 1 Pro Certification is currently under development.

We recommend that anyone who takes a level 1 course have prior background knowledge and experience before participating in the certification program.

Certification Level 2


Anyone with a Trinnov Level 2 certification knows more advanced acoustic and signal processing concepts. These professionals are capable of calibrating complex systems and achieving maximum performance. The training focuses on the advanced settings of the Optimizer and is aimed at experienced integrators with Level 1 certification.

This training program is delivered face-to-face only, and High-End Certification Level 2 will be launched in February 2024 at our training center in Connecticut.

How to apply


For those wishing to get Trinnov Certified, please contact training@trinnov.com.

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