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Control every function of your Trinnov Processor at the press of a button, whether you have an ST2 Pro a D-MON or an MC-Pro.
La Remote lets you take control of all their parameters instantly, every single function of your Trinnov machine is available for you to control.

Perfect Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Being at the heart of your studio, we designed this new unique monitor controller to be the extension of our world renowned calibration and digital room correction solution.With it’s built in screen you are always sure to benefit from a perfectly constant calibrated level during your work hours.

Hardware Specifications

  • Display: LED dimmable display
  • Power: Standard USB Type B (2m cable provided)
  • Volume encoder: Custom-made magnetic encoder
  • Select button: Rotary knob for specific controls
  • Assignables buttons: x7 with white backlight +1 with LED
  • Mute Button: x1 with red backlight
  • Automatic Firmware Update: Yes
  • Connection through Trinnov app: Yes

Features (all products)

  • Brightness Control: Display and buttons
  • Preset / Profile recall: Yes
  • Downmix toggle: Yes
  • Bass Management: Yes
  • Bypass: Yes
  • Speaker Solo/Mute: Yes

Features (D-MON only)

  • Speaker/Source Selection: Yes, toggle or sum
  • Customizable layouts: Yes
  • Snapshot Recall: Yes
  • Headphone Volume: Yes

Network Control

  • Processor's IP address recovery: Yes
  • DHCP activation: Yes


  • Standard Warranty: 2 year
  • Transferable: Yes

Weight & Dimension

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 105 x 63 x 187
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) inches: 2,48 x 0,74 x 4,13
  • Shipping box dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 16 x 9 x 23
  • Weight: 1
  • Shipping weight / volume: 1,2 / 0,015

Volume Control Done Right


Being a sound company at heart we all know the importance of your volume knob, so we made sure it would be the nicest one in your studio

  • Magnet technology from our Altitude line
  • Heavy feel for that extra ergonomic feeling
  • Stepped for mastering purposes
  • Highly ergonomic to fit the palm of your hands

Easy Software Configuration

Through an easy drag n drop web interface, personalize your remote to your workflow. Adjust the functions and labels of its seven buttons to suit your environment!

  • Unlimited number of layers
  • Easy configuration via 'drag n drop' software
  • Seven fully assignable buttons
  • Save and recall an unlimited number of presets


The ability to build your own layouts is currently only available with D-MON. ST2 Pro and MC work with preconfigured layouts.



From the simplest stereo setup to the most complex multichannel facility, this new remote controller will adapt itself flawlessly. We give you the ability to label and configure all of La Remote’s function buttons. You can easily customize La Remote to suit your workflow and to make this monitor controller yours. Simply plug the remote via USB to your Trinnov machine and get running in a matter of minutes with our drag’n’drop configuration software.


Designed over a two years period together with some of the world’s most demanding studio engineers, this new remote controller was designed from the ground up to cover all studio needs regardless of your work environment. Whether you work in a music studio, a mastering suite or a post-production facility, our new remote controller will adapt to all your monitoring needs for the years to come.

What Do Others Say?

  • Photo of Mike Aiton

    Trinnov have scored here with a simple but powerful remote that is very easy to personalize to your workflow.

    Mike Aiton
    Resolution Magazine

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