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Trinnov announces New Monitor Controller at IBC 2019

19 September 2019
Product News

A new monitor controller for all Trinnov Professional products will be launched in 2020, featuring :

  • Configurable display (current status, volume, button & layers…)
  • Preset / profile / snapshot recall
  • Speaker set/sources recall (D-Mon)
  • Headphone volume (D-Mon)
  • Per speaker solo / mute grid
  • Talkback
  • Dim screen and button backlights
  • Network setup mode to adjust/retrieve Trinnov unit IP address

Hardware Specifications

  • Smart, nice looking and cost-effective device
  • Volume control:
    • Custom-made volume encoder for smooth and precise control
    • One dedicated mute button with LED
  • Multiple layers of 8 backlit user-assignable buttons, with visual feedback
  • One select rotary knob for specific controls
  • Built-in talk back microphone
  • Standard USB Type B connection (self-powered device)
  • Dimmable white LCD
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Compatible with ST2-Pro, D-Mon and MC Processors

Software Configuration

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