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Resolution reviews D-MON & La Remote (UK)

14 September 2021
Reviews & Awards

The Best Monitoring Controller in Town

Mike Aiton, Senior Dubbing Mixer at Molinare, Head of Sound at both ClearCut Pictures and also at ESPN reviewed the D-MON and La Remote combo for Resolution Magazine.

In this in-depth stellar review, Mike Aiton covers the devices specifications, connectivity, features and shares his experience using both products.

A few quotes from the review:

The last time I tried a D-Mon I learned the hard way that the biggest lie in professional audio is perpetuated by virtually all of us: “I know my room”.

In a very inspired fashion, he and some of his "well-eared" post colleagues came up with a new lexicon: 

  • Trinnovation - the excellence of science in achieving great monitoring
  • Trinnosophise - the art of discussion regarding the desire to remove room nodes
  • Trinnopolise - to dominate your studio monitoring with examples of just how good it sounds!
  • Trinnobunkers - defined as those who are part of the monitoring/acoustics flat earth brigade who have not yet discovered just how inaccurate their studio monitoring/acoustics are.

And the brilliant last word of the review:

Every time I come across Trinnov, I’m more convinced that the audio paradigm has changed. Get onboard and get arguably the best monitor controller in town, and get the best out of your monitoring and your room. Trinnobunking isn’t professional anymore, and is strictly for amateurs.

You can read the full review on Resolution website.

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