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Bonedo Reviews D-MON & La Remote (Germany)

18 November 2021
Reviews & Awards

After reviewing the ST2 Pro in 2019, Bonedo released a review of the D-MON 6 with La Remote.

Trinnov Audio's Optimizer is THE authority when it comes to acoustic processors and complex room correction. It can be found in all French products without exception, from hi-fi and home cinema to products for the studio to the “really big cinema” - priced differently depending on the number of channels, of course. 

The Trinnov D-Mon is a flexible monitor controller especially for surround setups as well as the post-pro in general, which particularly benefits from the cues, list and talkback paths. In addition, the D-Mon offers the valued Trinnov Optimizer potential to perfectly "iron out" extensive loudspeaker-room combinations according to the current state of the art and to create comparable listening situations - which is particularly important in the broadcast business. With the La Remote, the network is controlled haptically and stylishly. The estimated prices are okay, but the fun is not a bargain. On the other hand: no alternatives.

You can read the entire review in German on Bonedo's website.

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