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La Remote presentation Videos by Ashley Shepherd

16 June 2021

Posted in: Videos | Product News

A product description is great, but does not match a proper presentation video. In this short series of videos, Ashley Shepherd does a fantastic job ... Continue reading ⟶

Consexto - Skyfall Cinema

17 December 2020

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

Some of our clients and partners are simply next level, this last October we had the chance to visit this amazing cinema in Portugal from our local pa... Continue reading ⟶

Hugo Nicolson

8 December 2020

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

An interview with Grammy Award-Winning sound engineer Hugo Nicolson about his thoughts on room correction and how the ST2 Pro has changed the way he w... Continue reading ⟶

Sal Oliveri

11 September 2020

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

An in-depth interview with Trinnov pro audio user and music producer Sal Oliveri (P!nk, Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton), a long time Tr... Continue reading ⟶

Pete Lyman – Mastering Engineer

5 August 2020

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

An in-depth interview with Vintage King client and Infrasonic Sounds chief mastering engineer Pete Lyman in his Nashville facility. Working over 3... Continue reading ⟶

Pro Audio Tutorials

10 July 2020

Posted in: Product News | Videos

We are very pleased to introduce a new series of pro audio tutorials centered around the use of our Pro Audio range processors. Watch the first two ep... Continue reading ⟶

Zach Seivers interview

24 March 2020

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

This past January, just before NAMM, we went to visit Emmy awarded sound designer Zach Seivers to talk about monitoring with the DMON and getting hi... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov 2020 Trailer

15 February 2020

Posted in: Videos | Trinnov Insiders | Product News

We are very happy to offer you our brand-new trailer as a free download Please fill out this form and help us with improving our demonstration. Down... Continue reading ⟶

Lovy Longomba

7 October 2019

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

A short interview we filmed in LA this past April with rising star music producer and mastering/mixing engineer Lovy Longomba. Lovy is very passionate... Continue reading ⟶

Samsung Chooses Trinnov for Its New Luxury Led Showroom

7 August 2019

Posted in: Case Studies | Videos

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with K-array and Vismara Design on the new project by Samsung dedicated to “Luxury Living”. Trinn... Continue reading ⟶

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