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Erskine Park City Meridian system

20 July 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

This system was designed and installed by The Erskine Group. Dennis Erskine is a CEDIA fellow, former chairman of CEDIA and is currently the volunteer... Continue reading ⟶

Pro Tools Expert reviews D-MON & La Remote

13 July 2021

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

James Richmond is a producer/engineer based near Oxford and reviewed the D-MON 12 and La Remote for Pro Tools Expert. After saying La Remote is close... Continue reading ⟶

Altitude16 Sound & Vision Top Pick Award (USA)

30 June 2021

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

In a recent review by the American magazine Sound & Vision, the Altitude16 gets awarded with a Top Pick Award. In the best possible conclusion,... Continue reading ⟶

Myth-Busters: Subwoofers in Stereo Systems

30 June 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

There are many myths that have been perpetuated in the world of high-end audio. We have seen a remarkable range of schemes seemingly designed mainly t... Continue reading ⟶

3x CEDIA Awards Winner - The Best of Everything by Audiovisions

18 June 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

Totaling 16,450 sq. ft, this 40-million-dollar home called the Best of Everything, this 40-million-dollar home won not only one but three CEDIA awards... Continue reading ⟶

La Remote presentation Videos by Ashley Shepherd

16 June 2021

Posted in: Videos | Product News

A product description is great, but does not match a proper presentation video. In this short series of videos, Ashley Shepherd does a fantastic job ... Continue reading ⟶

Altitude16 wins a stereonet Applause Award (Australia)

16 June 2021

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

Tony O'Brien reviewed the Altitude16 for the Australian magazine stereonet. Here is our favorite quote: One more point worth mentioning, in my exper... Continue reading ⟶

The Altitude Platform wins a 2021 TNT Residential Award

3 June 2021

Posted in: Events

The TNT Residential Award program is designed to help custom integrators in their product decision-making process by highlighting the best products av... Continue reading ⟶

Immersive Audio in Gaming and Simulation Systems

17 May 2021

Posted in: Technical Articles

Immersive audio is not just for TV and Movies. Many other applications take advantage of using 3D or Immersive Audio formats to deliver content to con... Continue reading ⟶

Krix - Epic Scale Cinema

6 May 2021

Posted in: Case Studies

Now and then a home cinema project comes along that has few restrictions… a clean slate for the designer to create something unique One such projec... Continue reading ⟶

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