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Trinnov announces a new software update for NOVA (1.0.24)

19 December 2023
Product News

About version 1.0.24

This version brings multiple improvements and bug fixes, including but not limited to clock issues that resulted in no output. This release note is not exhaustive and only includes the most noteworthy improvements and fixes. We expect you to notice further improvement across the entire interface.

While this release note is delivered as a detailed document, we intend to provide each software release note directly from the Trinnov application.

We are committed to fixing any remaining bugs and bringing further enhancements to NOVA. Thank you all for your outstanding support, patience, and understanding.

How to Update your NOVA

From the Trinnov Application, check TODO.

New Features

Factory Reset Button

Apart from Network settings and software licenses, which are preserved, a Factory Reset button allows you to reset the entire configuration of your NOVA.

This button can be found in System > Hardware


Headphone Settings

There is now a new dedicated Headphone configuration page in the monitoring section. It is now possible to assign headphone connectors freely.

Consequently, you can free the Default Headphone output connector and use it for a Direct output.

Pink noise

You can now play a Pink noise through every speaker in basic mode.

This is part of the configuration wizard.

Bug fixes

Startup Issues

●    The default clock was not initialized correctly after a restart of the unit, resulting in no sound. 
●    The Automute function was not applied correctly.

Calibration & Processing

●    The bandwidth of the speaker was not correctly detected during the calibration.
○    This does not require a new calibration 
○    Recompute and save (or overwrite the existing) the preset
●    Audio hiccups have been removed while setting the calibration levels 
during the calibration wizard
●    Graphic EQs were not processed and applied to the audio output
●    Changing a crossover frequency in the bass management for a single channel effectively applied the same settings across every channel

Headphone Output

●    The headphone routing was not set correctly in its initial configuration.
●    Re-configure it via the monitoring > Headphone and re-save your preset


Display issues

●    Response graph auto-zoom was incorrect
●    Double-click on a slider reset its value
●    Removing a source lead to a corrupted display


●    While changing the sampling rate, an audio pop could occur when using an S/PDIF Input.

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