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Trinnov to release a new Extranet

21 December 2023
Product News

Trinnov Audio is set to release a significant upgrade to its Extranet. my.trinnov.audio is being redesigned to facilitate interactions with its network of distributors and dealers.

For our partners, the launch and subsequent onboarding are scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

For the meantime, end-user access has been removed. It is scheduled to be integrated into the desktop and mobile applications in 2024.

A New Platform for Partners

The new platform comes with a redesigned user interface and new features designed to streamline remote operations for Trinnov’s network of distributors and dealers.

Besides the new user interface, the primary feature in the new extranet is software license management for Trinnov’s pro audio network, particularly for the newly released NOVA. Through the extranet, Trinnov distributors and dealers can autonomously assign software licenses they have purchased to any NOVA unit.

In addition, distributors and dealers can more easily manage the units they have sold through remote access  and monitoring, enabling remote software updates and identifying units to their owners.

Our distributors will be empowered to manage their dealer network directly from their account.


A New Enterprise Account 

Enterprise accounts have been added to the specification to meet the requirements of some of our largest customers, who own and manage large numbers of Trinnov processors across multiple locations.

Broadcasters, cinema exhibitors and large post-production and music studios who run multiple rooms and locations will be able to easily view the location of all the Trinnov processors in their fleet on a map and remotely manage them. 


Future integration in the Trinnov applications 

In 2024, my.trinnov.audio will become available to Trinnov end-users, giving them the ability to register products and access additional features directly through Trinnov applications. These features will no longer be available via a webpage. 

For safety and security reasons, all end-user credentials on the current version of my.trinnov.audio will be erased. New accounts will need to be created once my.trinnov.audio is integrated into our applications.

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