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A year with Trinnov : 2023 Retrospective and 2024 Greetings

31 December 2023
Trinnov Insiders

As 2023 comes to an end and 2024 rings in, we wanted to take a moment to look back on this past eventful year for Trinnov.

Again, another intense year for the Trinnov team, full of challenges but also great achievements thanks to the dedication of our team and of our partners and supporters around the globe.

A year that cemented our position as audio innovators with the launch of our exclusive WaveForming technology, but also as a technical authority with our implication into the RP22 recommended practice as well as the publication of our subwoofer guidelines.

We wish you all a wonderful new year to come and hope to see you soon, may it be at a show or during training sessions, we can't wait to share with you what we have planned for 2024 !


Waveforming announcement and first public demonstration at the ISE 2023

We started 2023 with a major announcement, unveiling a new groundbreaking acoustic processing technology, based on years of research, this new digital sound field control system made its debut in an active 13.16.6 channel home cinema system at the ISE 2023

Called Waveforming, this patented innovative technology takes the fundamental research of Trinnov in acoustics and signal processing to the next level and effectively eliminates room modes.

“In 2023, we officially celebrate our 20th anniversary as a company. It has been an incredible journey so far, and we are proud to celebrate this with style, by unveiling yet another groundbreaking technology. This is a major milestone in our development, and it will further reinforce our singularity and leadership for years to come” said Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov co-founder and CEO.


Availability of an iOS Remote Control Application on the App Store

We announced the availability of an iOS Remote Control Application on the App Store. Built in house and featuring an entirely new design, the application runs on both iPhone and iPad running iOS version 15.0 and above, letting users take control of their Trinnov processor from their local network and use their iOS device as a remote control.


Altitude Software Update 4.3.1

In March, we announced the release of our latest software update, version 4.3.1. This update further improves our core technology Optimizer and will be available as a free download on all Altitude16 and Altitude32 units on the third week of April. 

This software upgrade brought major improvements in multiple areas:

  • Strengthens calibrations by improving rejection of ambient noise
  • Improves delay alignment of subwoofers through Bass Management
  • Enhances the Excursion Curve function and enables separate curves for each speaker
  • Provides users with a set of optional predefined target curves
  • Adds an option to reduce Pre-Ringing of FIR filters
  • Improves the calibration of Active Crossovers


Trinnov launch NOVA, a new generation processor at NAMM 2023

The Trinnov Audio team attended the NAMM Show on a special occasion this month. As we had the pleasure of announcing the launch of NOVA, our new generation product in the pro audio range. The first of a new generation of pro audio products. NOVA will be coming to market after 4 years of extensive research and development across multiple areas.

“I am very excited to be able to finally reveal the extraordinary work that our R&D team has accomplished over the past 4 years in terms of hardware design, software development and user experience.” said Arnaud Laborie, CEO and co-founder. 

NOVA differs from the previous product generation in that it’s PC-less. Trinnov’s new Audio Core utilizes an ARM processor that provides the computational power necessary for full Trinnov processing of a limited number of channels, without the need for an additional CPU or fans.


Trinnov celebrates 20 years of Audio-Innovations !

In May 2003, Trinnov Audio SA was incorporated near Paris, France by Arnaud Laborie, Remy Bruno and Sebastien Montoya. In 20 years, Trinnov went from a student’s research project to a reference in active acoustics, and one of the most successful audio businesses in France.

“We started in my grandmother’s living room, which we had turned into an acoustic lab covered with more than 20 custom-built speakers. Looking back, I realize how much we have done and I am very proud of what we have accomplished”, says Arnaud Laborie, co-founder and CEO.

Trinnov is now a team of over 60 people spread across 6 time zones with sales representation in more than 70 countries.

“We have an installed base of over 10 000 processors and we are accelerating our transition from a craft operation to a true industrial operation.” added Sebastien Montoya, co-founder and head of production.



Trinnov announces its new certification program

In addition to its success as an industry-leading equipment manufacturer, Trinnov Audio is actively involved in fundamental research and the advancement of standards and knowledge in the three verticals the company serves: Pro Audio, Commercial Cinema and High End/Home Theater. 

Trinnov recognizes that one of the critical challenges for innovative companies is education. As the company grows, it is taking the lead by creating a certification program that will advance and verify an individual’s knowledge through training classes that will be offered both online and in person, followed by a mandatory examination.

This advancement is enabled by the recruitment of Dave Pedigo as Global Director of Training. In a previous role, Dave managed CEDIA’s education, certification and technology programs, for 14 years. 


Trinnov announces the construction of its new global Headquarters in France

The facility will be built on one of the very last available land plots of the “Grand Paris” metro expansion project. After long and methodical research, Arnaud Laborie, CEO and co-founder of Trinnov Audio, found a pure gem, consisting of 5100m2 of unspoiled nature adjacent to a future mega metro train station that directly connects to the very center of Paris (21 min), CDG Airport (27 min) and 400m away from the highway.

Out of a total area of 4500m2, the facility will feature no less than 1000m2 of acoustic and listening spaces, including 450m2 of laboratories and 500m2 of showroom and training space.

  • A full-size anechoic chamber.
  • Variable acoustic rooms and critical listening room.
  • An immersive sound and active acoustics lab.
  • Several acoustic and functional test rooms.
  • Electronic labs and a prototyping workshop.


Trinnov to release the first version of our WaveForming Subwoofer Placement Guidelines

"How many subwoofers do I need? Does it work like a traditional Double Bass Array? Does the size of my room have an impact on the performance?"

These are all kinds of questions you might be asking yourself following the launch of WaveForming, our revolutionary low-frequency optimization technology. Therefore, we published subwoofer placement guidelines in an online article to help you best implement Waveforming in your room.

With our implication in the new RP22 standard, this is another example of our dedication to better education and support of our communities around science based proven documentation that can be used in the field.


Trinnov receives 7 awards at CEDIA 2023

Our first US live demonstration of Waveforming at CEDIA 2023 clearly outdid any other demo we held in the past and received very positive feedback from the critics. And what better gift for our 20th anniversary than receiving a total of 7 awards during the show?

"While the bass was a highlight, I was also struck by the detail, immersiveness, and ability to track small objects (like a ticking clock) in the 13.24.6-channel system." said John Sciacca, Residential Systems.


New desktop applications for macOS and Windows

We introduced our new desktop applications for macOS and Windows.

These applications contribute to the ongoing improvement of the Trinnov user experience and will gradually redefine the way our customers use their processors. 

Trinnov customers are not all IT specialists, the vast majority of them are primarily music lovers, movie enthusiasts or artists.

The first goal of this app is to simplify the very first step of the Trinnov customer journey: the access to the user interface.

With the new application and operating system of NOVA, any user will have the possibility to download the software update and extra licenses on the app, and then install them on a local network.


Altitude Platform 4.3.2 software upgrade and early access program of WaveForming

In November, we announced the upcoming release of software version 4.3.2 for the Altitude Platform. This important release provides support for our new HDMI 2.1 board, new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The 4.3.2 update will be available during the second week of December, on all Altitude16 and Altitude32 units, regardless of age, and like all Altitude upgrades, at no cost.

This software upgrade brings:

  • Support for the new HDMI 2.1 board
  • Additional information displayed on-screen
  • Improved bass management delay calculation
  • Faster computation time of the acoustic filters
  • Optimizer Graphs improvements
  • Various bug fixes


NOVA first major software update, HDMI 2.1 board and upgrade to our extranet : my.trinnov

We announced a significant upgrade to our Extranet. my.trinnov.audio is being redesigned to facilitate interactions with its network of distributors and dealers.

For our partners, the launch and subsequent onboarding are scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

The new platform comes with a redesigned user interface and new features designed to streamline remote operations for Trinnov’s network of distributors and dealers.

We also released a major software update for NOVA, which brings multiple improvements and bug fixes to all NOVA users. As well, we started shipping our brand new HDMI 2.1 made in collaboration with CYP.

Happy new year 2024 from The Trinnov Team !


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