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(This Product is Discontinued)

The room correction of the ST2-HiFi will elevate the performance of your high-end system to a level you have never before experienced

The factor unaddressed in many high-end stereo systems is what happens to the sound of a great set of speakers when they are placed in a room.

Whether you are enjoying the world’s finest full-range speakers in a spacious listening room or appreciating the immediacy of a near-field listening environment, the ST2-HiFi will bring out the best in your loudspeaker investment.

High-resolution audio sources, up to 192kHz, are processed at their native sampling rates, never converted or down sampled. With 64-bit floating-point processing, true signal integrity is assured.

Digital Audio Connectivity

  • S/PDIF Inputs (coax): x1 (coaxial)
  • S/PDIF Outputs (coax): x1 (coaxial)
  • AES3 Inputs (XLR): x1
  • AES3 Outputs (XLR): x1

Analogue Audio Connectivity

  • Balanced inputs (XLR): x4
  • Unbalanced inputs (RCA): x4
  • Balanced outputs (XLR): x4
  • Unbalanced outputs (RCA): x4

Audio Processing

  • ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/96 kHz
  • DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 Bits/192 kHz
  • A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 119 dB (A-Weighted)
  • D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 118 dB (A-Weighted)
  • Clock / Jitter: attenuation > 50 dB above 100Hz
  • Maximum channels: 4 Channels at 96 kHz


  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 1,8 GHz
  • Data precision: 64 Bits, Floating Point
  • Cooling system: Custom Heat Sinks + Slow Fans

Power Supply

  • Power requirement: 240V / 110V - 50 / 60Hz (Manual Switch)
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Internal PSUs: Independent for audio and processing sections

Weight & Dimensions

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 441 x 97 x 418
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) inches: 17 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 16 1/2"
  • Shipping box dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 74 x 59 x 28
  • Weight: 9.4kg
  • Shipping weight / volume: 14kg / 0.122 m3


  • Standard Warranty: 5 year
  • Transferable: Yes


  • Standard Color: Silver
  • Optional Color: Black

Easy Set-up

The ST2-HiFi resides between your system’s preamplifier and power amplifiers. You simply connect Trinnov’s 3D calibration microphone and run the Optimizer’s step-by-step calibration wizard. In just a few minutes, it provides you with five automatically generated compensations to get your listening experience started.


The Optimizer captures comprehensive time-based acoustical measurements and, applying your target curve, automatically optimizes amplitude, phase, group delay and impulse response. Intelligent active crossovers automatically align level and delay for each driver.

For advanced users, a rich set of additional acoustical optimization tools is available.

Twenty-nine available presets enable you to easily store and compare multiple system tunings.


From its two channel input, the ST-2 HiFi provides four output channels. These can be used to feed active crossovers for a stereo pair of bi amplified speakers, or to feed one or two subwoofers.

Bass management is available for a single sub or two subwoofers in either a stereo or mono configuration.

Both single-ended and balanced XLR inputs and outputs are included, as well as S/PDIF and AES digital ins and outs.

Remote Control

The ST2-HiFi has a built-in Ethernet network port. Once connected to the local area network, the ST2 can be controlled by any computer, tablet or phone, using a VNC client app or even a simple web browser.

What Do Others Say?

  • Photo of Laurent Thorin

    The ST2-HiFi is a powerful tool capable of sublimating any audio installation in any room, and with an interesting choice of configurations. Considering its price, it will be used in advanced installations, but its performance will be absolutely obvious in all cases.

    Laurent Thorin
    VUmètre (France)
  • Photo of Harald Wittig

    Only in the acoustically optimized listening room can a playback system prove its sound quality. The Trinnov ST2-HiFi is intended to replace acousticians and extensive building projects and create true sound wonders.

    Harald Wittig
    Fidelity-magazin.de (Germany)
  • Photo of Matej Isak

    Where Lyngdorf, Dirac and other solutions failed to impress me, The Trinnov ST2-HiFi is instrumental with any practical results, which transcends the musicality of any source.

    Matej Isak
    Mono & Stereo
  • Photo of Raphael Vogt

    We never had the opportunity to hear such musicality with any other digital acoustic correction. The richness and the clarity of reproduction made us rediscover the content selected. Everything finally seemed more true, as if our audio chain had been released from a burden. It may seem daring to say that the rendering of the Optimizer is a miracle, but we’re pretty damn close!

    Raphael Vogt
    Stereoplay (Germany)

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