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Stereoplay reviews the ST2 HiFi

22 February 2011
Reviews & Awards

Rephael Vogt from Stereoplay reviews the ST2 HiFi in the latest edition of the magazine.

Here is the conclusion of the article:

In the editorial listening room, the testers tried out the almost perfect Magico M5. But here too, what happened was something that hardly anyone would have thought digital correction capable of. The information density and the musicality of the reference chain could be increased with the Trinnov, as if someone had once again improved the sharpness of the acoustic image. Details such as delicate blowing noises came to light, instrument bodies were drawn more precisely, piano stops now possessed even more accuracy and power. It never sounded digital, more as if the chain had been relieved of a last burden. Sure, even the Optimizer can't work wonders, but it's damned close.

You can read the full review here : ST2 HiFi Stereoplay review

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