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The ST2 range retires after a successful career

28 March 2023
Product News

It is with great emotion that we are announcing the retirement of the ST2 Pro and ST2 HiFi.

The ST2 remains one of the most successful products in Trinnov’s history, and has generated significant demand throughout its life cycle.

Growing continuously year after year since its introduction in 2010, both ST2 models are as relevant today as they were when first introduced more than 10 years ago. 

This success story not only demonstrates the remarkable longevity and sustainability of our products, but also how important and essential loudspeaker/room optimization has become, particularly in the professional audio world and in the music industry.

Why discontinue such successful products?

Trinnov has undergone major changes since the ST2 was introduced.

Still a relatively small and focused company, we are nonetheless a bigger company than we were back in 2010, both in terms of staff (x10) and revenue (x40). 

Our R&D team in particular has grown, and, thanks to the availability of new technologies, has been able to develop a product suitable for a larger audience in the music market. This product will be announced soon for anyone interested in the ST2 Pro.

As far as the ST2 HiFi is concerned, we made this decision for consistency:

  • The ST2 Pro and ST2 HiFi have a lot in common and stopping both products at the same time makes more sense from a logistical standpoint.
  • Our consumer range includes the Amethyst which will remain available in the foreseeable future. Discontinuing the ST2 HiFi to only offer the Amethyst is similar to what we have done with the Magnitude32 once we announced the Altitude32, which offers higher value and broader range of features.

What to expect now for ST2 owners?

Trinnov has always been committed to sustainability and great service.

In other words, the fact that the ST2 is being discontinued does not mean Trinnov will stop supporting its customers and ST2 owners. On the contrary, we will do everything we can to support you for as long as necessary.

We can still repair processors sold in 2006 and happily do so when that’s the customer’s preference. We are committed to maintaining and repairing ST2 until at least 2030, which will be 20 years after its launch. 

Although we will do our best to do so, we cannot guarantee that we will release major new features for the ST2 Pro and ST2 HiFi. However, we will ensure that the compatibility with our ecosystem (Trinnov Apps, La Remote) are maintained. We will also roll out critical updates which are part of our support program.
This is the least we can do for our fantastic customer base who we would like to thank for their trust, loyalty, and support. 

The emotion of this announcement is surpassed only by the excitement we feel about announcing the successor of the ST2 Pro in a few days. 

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