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Trinnov Insiders

Trinnov Speaker Layout Guide

17 July 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders | Product News | Technical Articles

We would like to share with you our updated speaker layout guide introduction. A short declination of the full document we offer to our partners that... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov’s Sound Dpt List Part 2: Electronic Music

29 June 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

This month we asked the Trinnov Audio team which Electronic music albums they like the most to create this brand new playlist, so we could share it wi... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov’s Sound DPT List Part 1: Movie Soundtracks

7 April 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

In those times of confinement, we thought it would be a great idea to share with our community the films we enjoy the most in terms of sound. May it b... Continue reading ⟶

Online Initiatives to Support Customers during Covid-19

18 March 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

Statement From Trinnov Founders During this time of great uncertainty and the disruption of daily activities due to the COVID-19 virus, Trinnov’s t... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov 2020 Trailer

15 February 2020

Posted in: Videos | Trinnov Insiders | Product News

We are very happy to offer you our brand-new trailer as a free download Please fill out this form and help us with improving our demonstration. Down... Continue reading ⟶

Alexandre Garcia Joins Trinnov Audio

9 February 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

Alexandre Garcia, one of Europe’s leading commercial and residential audio experts, is joining the Trinnov Audio team. He will manage sales for Trin... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov’s US Subsidiary Expands

3 September 2019

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

Thanks to the great efforts of our representatives and dealers, our US subsidiary Trinnov Audio Inc., under the management of industry veterans Jon He... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov Exclusive Dolby Atmos Trailer

29 April 2019

Posted in: Videos | Trinnov Insiders

Following up to ISE 2019 we are offering our first trailer mixed in Atmos format to our community as a free download from our website ! Mixed at the ... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov Establishes U.S. Subsidiary

17 August 2018

Posted in: Events | Trinnov Insiders

TRINNOV AUDIO, INC. After experiencing several years of exponential growth in the US market, Trinnov Audio’s executive team realized that in order ... Continue reading ⟶

An Interview With Trinnov Audio Founder Arnaud Laborie

21 February 2018

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders

Trinnov Audio CEO, Arnaud Laborie, On The Evolution Of Audio Technology, Resulting In An Unforgettable And Lifelike Sound Experience A thoroughly en... Continue reading ⟶

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