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Online Initiatives to Support Customers during Covid-19

We remain fully committed to providing the highest level of support to our end-users, dealers, and distributors.

18 March 2020
Trinnov Insiders

Statement From Trinnov Founders

During this time of great uncertainty and the disruption of daily activities due to the COVID-19 virus, Trinnov’s three founding partners would like to issue an update to our customers, employees and business partners. First and foremost, as we work through these unprecedented times, we urge everyone to stay informed and follow the national and local guidelines put forth to protect their health and the health of people they hold dear.

We anticipated the strong measures taken yesterday by the French government and have already suspended travel for our sales team. They and the balance of our 42 employees will, for the most part, be working from home. Our operation is not affected, and we continue to provide uninterrupted service and support to our customers. As during normal times, our support and sales teams retain the ability to remotely connect to and control Trinnov processors. This enables us to assist with configuration & calibration and to diagnose and resolve problems, all without requiring anyone to visit the job site.

As we, the founding partners of Trinnov, retain a strong controlling interest in the company, you can rest assured that our company philosophy continues unchanged. We have always managed our business with humility, focusing on long term results and maintaining reserves to enable us to weather worst-case scenarios. As we speak, we are confident in our financial solidity, and we know we can count on the full commitment of our team. Therefore, we are confident in our ability to navigate this crisis with limited impact on both the short term and long term. We remain fully committed to providing the highest level of support to our end-users, dealers, and distributors. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues or concerns.


Arnaud Laborie, Rémy Bruno, Sébastien Montoya

Online Initiatives To Support Partners And Customers

Trinnov is known as an audio company, but we are also a strong technology company. As such, we have always believed in, developed and heavily relied on a strong IT and online ecosystem.

This ecosystem has always provided Trinnov support and sales staff with the ability to remotely access and control Trinnov processors. We are now announcing and rolling out a platform to enable our Pro Audio and High-End partners to also provide remote online assistance to our end-user customers. Training of these partners on the use of these tools will take place this week.

As we will not be visiting dealers and distributors in person, our regularly scheduled training Webinars take on additional importance and more will be scheduled through the end of the year. In addition, our sales team is available for remote training on an individual dealer basis.

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