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Stereophile Recommended Components 2020 Edition

19 March 2020
Reviews & Awards

In theirĀ 2020 Edition, the reference magazine rated the Altitude32 Class A in the Surround Sound Components category.

In recent years, KR has written about the Trinnov MC Optimizer, a processor that impressed him with its ability "to move, at will, the sounds of instruments around the soundstage." Now the Optimizer exists as a suite of DSP software inside the company's Altitude 32 preamplifier, which Kal reviewed as the Altitude 32-816. (The model number denotes this version's eight-channel capability and 16 outputs.) While bemoaning the product's weight (32lb), complexity, and most of all, its price, KR noted that the Trinnov's capabilities are such that "its limitations are inconsequential" and that, as a preamp alone, the Altitude 32 offers transparency and tonal precision competitive with those of any preamp, A/V or not.

Kal Rubinson

The full list of recommended components can be found here.

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