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Altitude Webinar Series

24 March 2020

Starting March 26th, the whole Trinnov Audio High-End Team would like to invite you to a new series of webinars on our Altitude platform.

If you wanted to learn everything about our platform and its acoustics prowess: now is the time!

We will cover everything from Speaker layout to channel mapping and acoustic measurements so you can get the best of it

Please register following the links below

1. Week 13 – 26th of March – 5 PM CET – Altitude Webinar Series Part 2 / Optimizer:

View the recorded session

2. Week 14 – 31st of March / 5:30 PM CET – Immersive Sound Speaker Layout:

View the recorded session

3. Week 15 –  8th of April / 5:30 PM CET – Speaker declaration, channel mapping, and listening modes:

View the recorded session

4. Week 16 – 16th of April / 5:30 PM CET – Acoustic measurement with the Optimizer – recommended practices:



All past sessions have now been recorded and can be found here : Trinnov GoToWebinar archive

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