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Residential Systems Reviews the Altitude16 (USA)

1 August 2022
Reviews & Awards

John Sciacca wrote a great, thorough review of the Altitude16 for Residential Systems.

After a short introduction about the company and an overview of the main characteristics of the Altitude16, he described the installation process and shared his thoughts on the capability of the processor.

Honestly, this isn’t even scratching the surface of what the Trinnov can do. But the key takeaway from this is that if there is a configuration, setting, adjustment, filter, or tweak available, the Altitude offers it, enabling you to get any speaker system to perform its absolute best in any room. For the installer or end-user looking to wring that last .1 percent of performance from a system, the Altitude can get you there.

Moving onto performance review :

Beyond the “big” effects, the Altitude just did a better job transforming the room into another environment. The spaciousness of other sounds and the sense of air, be it the outdoors, or the close quarters of an inside room, or the deck of a spaceship, just felt more open and sonically engaging. Bass was also tighter, sharper, and had more authority, focus, and punch.

And to conclude:

If you’ve read between the lines up to this point, you’ve probably gathered that I’m all but gushing over the Altitude. After years of stalking, I’m pleased to say the Altitude totally lives up to the hype and its reputation. Everything played through it just sounds more. If you or a client want nothing but the best, your search is over. 

Read the full review on Residential System's website.


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