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Amplitude16 gets a Sound & Vision Top Pick Award (USA)

10 August 2022
Reviews & Awards

The August/September issue of Sound & Vision includes a review of the Amplitude16 by David Vaughn.

From description and specifications to features and performance review, the article is quite thorough and very postive overall.

Here is an extract of the performance review:

Next up, The Batman on UHD. The freeway chase scene (Chapter 9) with its discrete effects, wide dynamic range, and copious amounts of deep-digging bass sounded spectacular and proved that the Amplitude16 was more than up to the task of powering my home theater.

Before concluding as follows:

The unique 16-channel architecture of the Amplitude16 is a tribute to Trinnov's engineering prowess. The amplifier performed to my high expectations.

Just like the Altitude16 in 2021, the Amplitude16 gets a Top Pick Award from the magazine.

You can read the full review on Sound & Vision's website.

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