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Hifitest.de rewards the Amplitude16 (Germany)

21 July 2022
Reviews & Awards

Guideo Randerath from HiFitest.de reviewed the Amplitude16, a "Referenzklasse" 5-star review for a power amplifier we designed specifically for home theater applications.

After an overview of the product, they did put the Amplitude16 on their test bench to challenge the announced specifications:

On a bridged pair of channels, our performance test bench confidently certifies almost 1.5 kW of the Trinnov at a 4 ohm load. Well, if that's not enough... 

The class D amp delivers outstanding measured values across the board. For example, to measure distortion, we had to change the scale of our Audio Precision measurement system. Because this is sometimes below 0.001% and thus below our usual scale. For a digital powerhouse, that's sensationally good.

Monving on with listening test, paired with an Altitude16 AV Processor:

The Trinnov combo rewards you with home theater sound that's second to none. No matter how we challenge the Amplitude16, it plays loosely, dynamically, undistorted and simply sovereign. Even brute levels don't let them lose control. No  matter what chain of players and loudspeakers you have in your home cinema, if you rely on a Trinnov Amplitude16 as a power amplifier, it will not be the weakest link in your audio chain.

Read the full review in German on Hifitest.de.

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