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Mutrox Home Projects

22 March 2018
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Mutrox is a company that has specialized in sound insulation and acoustics over the years.

Especially the application possibilities of sound insulation and acoustics and their design result in special products that are widely applicable.

Mutrox has been partnering for several years now with Trinnov Audio and legendary Bowers-Wilkins speakers manufacturer
in setting up the most high-end home theater pushing the boundaries of what can be done in terms of cutting-edge immersive audio installations

Today we wanted to talk to them about one of their most challenging new Integration project in the Netherlands.

Which were the challenges and objectives inherent to this high-end home cinema set-up?

Our customer came via a custom installer called Morelight for which we are an acoustics advisor. The customer asked us to build him the most impressive home cinema we could! So first we designed a 60 dB sound reductive “box in box” system including ventilation system to keep the enormous power inside the room. This is necessary due to the fact the cinema is built in an apartment so neighbors may not be disturbed.

As for speakers we choose the Bowers & Wilkins CT800 series. On Azimuth plain for left, center and right we choose the bigger CT-8’s, as for the front wide’s, the four side surrounds channels, and the rear surrounds we selected the CT-8.2 doubled on top of each other.

As for the height channels, we choose six times the CI 800 series CCM 8.5 Diamond because of the shallow build in depth. For LFE we prefer two times the DB1D of Bowers & Wilkins because of its 2000 Watts of power per sub and their wide range (from 8,5 Hz!!). We used a four-meter wide 21:9, four-way masking screen with a water-cooled projector. Obviously, we used the Altitude32 combined with a Magnitude and 7 x 8 ch Amplitude to process and power all these loudspeakers.

Why did you pick the Altitude 2 as the processor for this luxury home cinema?

As an acoustics designer of home cinemas, I believe one can only deliver the real cinema experience at home when all parameters are correct. Sound isolation to achieve silence in the cinema, optimal room acoustics designed for cinema-related to the room's volume, a good screen and projector, the most realistic sounding and powerful loudspeakers and of course the best processing and amplification one can get to process all 2D and 3D sound formats.

In this particular home cinema, we were facing the problem of a considerable number of speakers to process so for us The Trinnov Altitude32 was the only and best choice we could make!

How was the response from the clients and jury to the sonics of the final project?

The customer is very enthusiastic about the result. Even before the cinema was finished, furniture wise, he was sitting in his cinema watching his favorite movie to experience his “goosebumps’ moments. Regarding power, in this cinema set up, it is almost like driving a Formula One car with the finesse of an Aston Martin. When optimal room acoustics, loudspeakers, and optimal processing comes together, it works flawlessly, and that results in unknown cinematic experience.

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