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Lite Magazin Reviews the "Referenz" Altitude16 (Germany)

14 March 2022
Reviews & Awards

Lite Magazin recently reviewed the Altitude16 Processor.

Here is a selection of excerpts from the original article in German.

If you want to experience sound like in a real cinema at home, you need powerful hardware to control all channels. With its Altitude16, Trinnov is at the forefront here. With powerful technology and countless functions, the sound processor offers full control over every aspect of the home setup.

With the Altitude16, Trinnov offers one of the most powerful tools for first-class home cinema sound. The powerful sound processor ensures full control over all important signal processing parameters for surround and 3D sound. Virtually every aspect can be adjusted, allowing factors such as room, setup and speakers to take a back seat. This means that you can enjoy excellent, atmospheric film sound everywhere, which impresses with its wonderful spatiality, dynamics and attention to detail.

Read the full review on Lite Magazin website.

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