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Reviews & Awards

The Amplitude16 wins an EISA Award (EU)

15 August 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

Our entire team is delighted to receive yet another award from the European Imaging and Sound Association. Indeed, the Altitude Platform was honored ... Continue reading ⟶

Amplitude16 Home Cinema Choice Review (UK)

10 August 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

Home Cinema Choice reviews the Amplitude16. Steve Wither argues it's "all the amplifier you'll ever need". Overall, a seriously classy unit that co... Continue reading ⟶

Amplitude16 gets a Sound & Vision Top Pick Award (USA)

10 August 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

The August/September issue of Sound & Vision includes a review of the Amplitude16 by David Vaughn. From description and specifications to feature... Continue reading ⟶

Residential Systems Reviews the Altitude16 (USA)

1 August 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

John Sciacca wrote a great, thorough review of the Altitude16 for Residential Systems. After a short introduction about the company and an overview o... Continue reading ⟶

Hifitest.de rewards the Amplitude16 (Germany)

21 July 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

Guideo Randerath from HiFitest.de reviewed the Amplitude16, a "Referenzklasse" 5-star review for a power amplifier we designed specifically for home t... Continue reading ⟶

Les Années Laser rewards the Amplitude16 (France)

10 May 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

French magazine Les Années Laser published a review of the Amplitude16 in their April issue. The Amplitude16 is rated 10/10 for cinema application ... Continue reading ⟶

Lite Magazin Reviews the "Referenz" Altitude16 (Germany)

14 March 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

Lite Magazin recently reviewed the Altitude16 Processor. Here is a selection of excerpts from the original article in German. If you want to experi... Continue reading ⟶

The Altitude16 Recommended AV Processor 2022 (USA)

17 February 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

The US magazine Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity published its Recommended Gear of the Year 2022.... Continue reading ⟶

Altitude32 is AVSForum Best AV Processor 2021

10 January 2022

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

The AVSForum editors were asked by their members what are the best products of some AV category. We were pleased to learn that the Altitude32 won in... Continue reading ⟶

The Altitude16 receives a Thumbs-Up Award (USA)

6 December 2021

Posted in: Reviews & Awards

We are deligthed to receive one more award for the Altitude16 from Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity. The magazine just revealed their Best ... Continue reading ⟶

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