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Trinnov Awarded Best Demo at CEDIA Expo 2022

Best Demo at CEDIA Expo 2022: A Collab Between Trinnov, McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Kaleidescape and madVR

11 October 2022
Reviews & Awards

We are proud to announce that our demo at CEDIA Expo 2022 won 2 awards :

- Best New Complete System

- Best CEDIA Expo 2022 Demo 


Talking about his experience attending demos, Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe Publications said: 

"I’ve probably sat through 75 of these during my tenure in AV. They’re always stunning. Think about it; they’re always filled with the newest tech perfectly tuned by industry insiders for industry insiders. They are nearly always awe-inspiring. But, none have ever left me awestruck like the one I attended at CEDIA last week. In fact, I’ve never seen a theater with a line the entire length of the show — all three days. Literally." 

Further talking about his experience, Gary Kayye considers it to be the best CEDIA Expo demo ever:

I love seeing movies in IMAX — mostly because IMAX requires theaters to keep their projectors up to date and calibrated more often than the average exhibition house does. But, I am not sure I will ever see (or hear), again, what I did last week at CEDIA Expo. I am bummed to lose that experience but blessed to have had it in the first place. This was, by far, the best demo, ever, at a CEDIA Expo.

This demo was a great team effort and would not have been possible without our partners. A huge thanks to McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Kaleidescape and madVR for their collaboration.

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