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The Altitude platform is Platinum Certified for MadVR Envy

25 September 2022
Product News

madVR Labs recently announced the immediate availability of its Certified for Envy program in the program’s “AVR/AVP” category.

The program will expand to cover other categories, such as projectors, displays, media players, and HDMI equipment. The Certified for Envy program ensures that audio/video products meet the highest quality standards for video excellence, as determined by madVR Labs. Dealers and consumers can now have confidence that Certified for Envy products meet these standards, and that the products did not introduce video artifacts or degrade video quality in madVR Labs’ rigorous testing. It also ensures that certified products are fully compatible with the madVR Envy Pro and Envy Extreme video processors.

To create this program, madVR Labs established a standard for video excellence, along with a proprietary, in-house testing platform and a suite of specialized tests to confirm compliance. madVR Labs also worked with its Certified Partners as needed to ensure these lofty standards were met prior to certification. The requirements for the AVR/AVP category include reliable and stable HDMI handling, full compatibility with the madVR Envy video processors, and lossless pass-through of all usual source device pixel formats, bit depths, resolutions, and frame rates, including 1080p24 frame packed 3D. In all, these Certified for Envy products passed over 1,100 rigorous tests to achieve certification.

For full details on all tests performed and the program requirements, see the Trinnov Audio certificate.

Arnaud Laborie, Co-founder and CEO of Trinnov Audio said,

We are excited to take part in madVR Labs’ Certified for Envy program and to have achieved Platinum certification. Although we specialize in audio, it is very important for us to ensure that our products deliver the same high performance in both audio and video. madVR Labs invested a vast amount of time and energy into this program, and we are grateful for being able to rely on such an excellent partner that shares the same level of commitment for quality and performance as we do. With such a thorough certification program that consists of over one thousand objective measures and tests, we are pleased that the market can be fully confident that we meet the expectations of both our existing and future customers in delivering outstanding video quality.

Richard Litofsky, Co- founder and CEO of madVR Labs said,

We go to great lengths every day to deliver the ultimate in video quality with the madVR Envy video processor. Therefore, it only makes sense to help ensure that other components used in the system with the Envy provide video excellence too. With this program nearly a year in the making, we believe today marks an important milestone for our company, our Certified Partners, and for the A/V industry overall.

Trinnov achieved Platinum certification with its CYP HDMI board, and will be soon announcing the release of software version for its Altitude platform, along with HDMI firmware 2.22, with which the certification was passed.

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