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(This Product is Discontinued)

When considered in the first steps of a dedicated home cinema room design, the magnitude32 becomes an excellent partner to achieve the best performance, regardless of the installation complexity. Your sound system could never be so close to perfection.

Evolutive I/O Architecture

MG32-88 configurations allow for 8 simultaneous I/O and 8 processing channels. Optional ADA4 and DA8 expansion boards can be added to provide up to 16 Inputs and 32 Outputs channels. While the first 8 channels are available through XLR connectors, channels 1-32 are also provided in a SubD25 standard Tascam format, facilitating cable synoptic drawings.

Comprehensive Processing

Comprehensive 64 bits floating-point processing tools are included in standard on each processor platform: Routing and Mixing Matrixes, Manual FIR filters, Parametric EQs, Graphic EQs, gains, trims, RMS meters, manual delays, Bass Management, 4-way active crossovers, inputs formats, noise generators, Polarity Control, upmix matrices, DRC controller, advanced XML programming.

Digital Audio Connectivity

  • Digital inputs (DB25): x1 (8 channels, expandable to 16)
  • Digital DB25 Wiring: TASCAM Pinout

Analogue Audio Connectivity

  • Microphone input:: ???
  • Balanced inputs (XLR):: 8x XLR
  • Balanced inputs (DB25):: x1 (8 channels)
  • Balanced outputs (XLR):: x8
  • Balanced outputs (DB25):: x4 (32 channels)
  • Input Impedance:: 20k Ohms
  • Analogue DB25 Wiring: TASCAM Pinout

Audio Processing

  • ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate:: 24 bits/96 kHz
  • DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate:: ???
  • A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio:: 119 dB (A-Weighted)
  • D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio:: 118 dB (A-Weighted)
  • Reference Level:: +18dBu @ 0dBFS (Balanced)
  • Clock / Jitter:: attenuation > 50 dB above 100Hz


  • Processor:: Intel i5
  • Data precision:: 64 bits, floating point
  • Cooling system:: Custom heat sinks & silent fans
  • Safety Components:: AntiPop relays on each output

Power Supply

  • Tension d'entrée:: 117V / 230V 50/60 Hz AC
  • Power consumption:: 90W
  • Mains fuse:: ???
  • Internal PSUs:: Separated supplies for Audio and Processing

Weight & Dimensions

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm:: ???
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) inches:: ???
  • Shipping box dimensions (W x H x D) cm:: ???
  • Weight:: 10.2kg / 22.5lbs
  • Shipping weight / volume:: ???
  • Rackmounting:: 2U

Unique Bass Management


Trinnov provides the most sophisticated solution on the market when it comes to managing low frequencies. With our intermediate bass management system you can, of course, specify how one or more subwoofers will reproduce the lower part of the spectrum for each channel. But it goes further: it even allows you to bass manage the low frequencies of a small speaker to the closest, more-capable speaker. It gives you complete control over crossover frequencies, filter type, slope, and even where the redirected bass will be reproduced.


Thanks to the 3D measurement capabilities of our microphone, each speaker’s actual placement can precisely be localized in the room regarding distance, azimuth, and elevation. Knowing the intended placement of various sounds within the soundtrack (since we decoded it), we can then “remap” the sound objects from the theory of the soundtrack to the reality of your particular room, using the closest two or three speakers to create a phantom image of the sound where it should be.

While 2D remapping deals mainly with the horizontal plane, 3D remapping will manage both azimuths and elevations.

Crossover Alignment

A unique way to align crossovers

Individual driver and system measurements are acquired and analyzed, including the impulse response, delays, and gains. Trinnov’s unique crossover calibration engine computes the ideal filters, finding the best compromise to improve flatness, directivity, and attack in the overlapping frequency region.

Comprehensive Processing

Comprehensive 64-bit floating-point processing tools are included on each processor platform: routing and mixing matrixes, manual FIR filters, parametric EQs, graphic EQs, gains, trims, peak and RMS meters, manual delays, bass management, 4-way active crossovers, inputs formats, noise generators, polarity control, editable Submix matrixes, monitor controller, dynamic range controller.

Option Boards

AES16 Upgrade Kit

A hardware upgrade is possible to extend the number of digital inputs to 16. The same DB25 input connector shall be used for the 16 digital inputs, based on the common DB25 pinout used in most digital cinema servers.

ADA4 Expansion Board

The magnitude 88 model can be upgraded with 1 or 2 ADA4 Expansion Boards to add 4 or 8 Analog I/O Channels.The magnitude 1212 model can be upgraded with 1 ADA4 Expansion Board in order to add 4 Analog I/O Channels.

DA8 Expansion Board

The magnitude 1616 model can be upgraded with 1 or 2 DA8 Expansion Boards to add 8 or 16 Analog Output Channels. The magnitude 1624 model can be upgraded with one DA8 Expansion Board to add 8 Analog Output Channels.

Custom Profiles

Trinnov combines automatic processes with flexible fine-tuning tools that allow the sound system designer to reach the best results while making the whole process easier and faster. 8 customizable Profiles allow to mix up different parameters independently from any of the 29 existing users presets.

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