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Stereophile Recommended Components 2016 Edition

22 March 2016
Reviews & Awards

In their 2016 Edition, the reference magazine rated the Magnitude32 Class A in the Signal Processors category.

This digital audio processor includes Trinnov's powerful Optimizer room-correction software and has a modular architecture for customized arrays of inputs and outputs. The review sample was configured so that KR could feed it eight channels of balanced analog input and three S/PDIF digital inputs, and get from it eight channels of balanced analog output. The Optimizer measures each speaker's responses of frequency, phase, and impulse, and its relative volume level and distance from the calibration microphone; computes a digital filter set to correct for the frequency response, distance, and level of each speaker; and provides a 31-band graphic equalizer and level and delay controls for on-the-fly adjustments. Expensive but worth it, concluded Kal: "The superior abilities of Trinnov Audio's Optimizer to measure and equalize my surround system and correct for imperfect speaker placements were revelations." Replaced since review by basically identical Magnitude 32: 8 channels in/out (digital/analog), with calibrated microphone.

The full list of recommended components can be found here.

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