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Trinnov reinforces Research & Development

13 May 2024
Trinnov Insiders

Trinnov Audio is known for its range of digital audio processors although the company is primarily a technology company, designing and developing advanced signal processing solutions to solve complex acoustic problems.

A recognized expertise

Since 2003, Trinnov has repeatedly been challenging standard methods of sound calibration, introducing and promoting the benefits of more advanced time/frequency acoustic analysis & 3D soundfield processing across various applications.

More recently, Trinnov introduced a new revolutionary technology, called WaveForming, that redefines bass reproduction in small spaces, not only increasing the level of performance but also reinventing how sound systems should be designed. 

Already recognized around the world as an industry leader across the professional, cinema and high-end residential markets, Trinnov is represented in more than 70 countries with over 12500 high performance installations worldwide, including more than 4000 studios that produce high-quality content and thousands of commercial cinemas among which the famous Chinese Theater in Los Angeles or the British Film Institute in London.

Customers include major streaming platforms, national TV & radio broadcasters in every continent, award-winning music producers, composers, mixers, mastering engineers and the most exclusive high-end home cinema installations all around the world.   

A Research & Development focused company

More than a manufacturer, Trinnov is an innovation company whose origins lie in fundamental research after its founders met at the famous IRCAM institute in Paris.

Amongst the 60 passionate team members working in the company from 6 different time zones, no less than 40% of them are part of the R&D department in France, split between the software, hardware and research teams.

Some of our R&D engineers with 2 co-founders Arnaud Laborie and Remy Bruno, in the Atmos room of legendary Studios Guillaume Tell (optimized by Trinnov)

Trinnov holds a portfolio of more than 50 international patents, with more patent applications submitted in the last 2 years.

Accelerating Innovation in France

Earlier this year, Trinnov announced the construction of its future headquarters, a 4500m2 campus dedicated to innovation near Paris.

The construction is underway and the R&D team looks forward to enjoy the infrastructure needed to fulfill the ambition of the company, which, in addition to the 550m2 of R&D office space, will include:

  • A full-size anechoic chamber of 8 m x 8 m x 8 m.
  • A passive variable acoustic room and critical listening room.
  • An immersive sound and active acoustics lab.
  • Several small acoustic and functional test rooms.
  • Electronic labs and a prototyping workshop.

The team, mostly composed of passionate and talented musicians will also be able to enjoy the facility to record and produce music!

Ahead of the opening and despite an already exceptional ratio of engineering resources within the team, indicative of the company's ambition, Trinnov intends to increase its R&D efforts by primarily focusing its next recruitments on research & development, from software development to fundamental acoustics and machine learning.

Already a winner of innovation programs in the past, Trinnov is one of the few audio firms selected for the highly selective France Relance program, which aims to support the most promising innovative companies in France and around Europe.

To facilitate our ongoing recruitment program, we just launched a job page on our website.

If you love sound, music and innovation, please take a look and share with your friends. You can also register to be notified of new opportunities that will open in the coming months.

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