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Trinnov Ovation And DTS-X

3 September 2018

Trinnov Announces The First Implementation Of The Ovation Cinema Processor For A DTS-X Installation

In an ongoing search of improving cinema sound and following years of development & partnership, Trinnov Audio and DTS announces the first implementation of the Ovation cinema processor for a DTS-X installation through GDC Cinema servers

Using the decoded signal from the GDC SX-4000 server, the Trinnov Optimizer technology achieves an outstanding result. The onboard Optimizer assists the cinema engineer to work at a higher level of measurement and calibration, improving workflow, saving time, and yielding impressive results that can be repeated house to house, complex to complex.

The Ovation processor has 16 channels in, and 24 channels out, handling the 13.1 AES audio from the GDC server and taking it to a time aligned, immersive system where all of the components work together.

Technical details:

  • GDC server with DTS-X license
  • Trinnov 16/24 Ovation processor
  • 13.1 system
  • Three tri-amp stage channels
  • Two dual 18″ subwoofers
  • 4 ceiling surround zones
  • 6 side surround zones

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