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Trinnov Audio Partner Interview : Auro-Technologies

17 April 2018
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This Past February After Our Joint Presentation At ISE 2018 We Were Invited To Galaxy Studios In Mol (Belgium) To Discuss Our Ongoing Collaboration With Auro Technologies Founded By Wilfried Van Baelen.

Auro Technologies’ headquarters are located in the same facility that hosts the wonderful Galaxy Studios one of Europe most advanced building for music recording and motion picture post-production. This unique facility features a beautiful scoring stage as well as several other live rooms – all connected to two different control rooms –, a large dubbing theater, a pre-dubbing stage, an ADR stage, 2 editing rooms and 2 conference rooms.

Its flagship dubbing theater called the Aurotorium includes a 59-loudspeaker Meyer Sound cinema audio monitoring system configurable for any format from standard 5.1 up to Auro 22.1. In this theater, movies are mixed in Auro-3D format for cinemas but also Blu-Ray Discs available in Auro-3D on the market.

In this interview with Wilfried Van Baelen, Auro Technologies Chairman, we discussed our past and present collaboration with Auro Technologies on developing Auro-3D and Auro-Cx formats and how he sees our Altitude line within the best existing development platforms to push the boundaries of Immersive Audio.

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