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Trinnov Audio Leads The Immersive Audio Market At ISE 2020

28 January 2020

  • Trinnov pulls ahead with delivery of DTS:X Pro to Altitude Owners
  • 15.3.10 Immersive Audio system at Hall One, Stand 1-N100, to showcase DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced and highlight ISE 2020 demonstrations
  • CEO Arnaud Laborie to participate in Immersive Audio panel session
  • Alexandre Garcia joins Trinnov Audio team from B&W
  • Trinnov to debut new immersive audio trailers at the show

Paris, France – January 27, 2020 – Trinnov Audio, the market leader in the design and manufacture of reference audio processors for home theaters, high-end hifi, professional audio and commercial cinemas, is continuing to expand its unique in-house platform by offering DTS:X Pro as a free-of-charge update to all new and existing owners of Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors.

Promoted by Trinnov Audio throughout 2019 in partnership with DTS, Trinnov will demonstrate DTS:X Pro for the first time as a publicly available technology in a purpose-built 15 seats 15.3.10 channel immersive audio system, in Hall One, stand 1-N100, in partnership with co-exhibitors Procella Audio and Kaleidescape. An Altitude32 processor and Amplitude8 power amplifiers will be utilized for the playback system, along with 28 Procella loudspeakers, Procella amplifiers, a Kaleidescape Strato and a Sony VPL-W5000ES projector.

Fighting obsolescence – the DTS:X Pro software upgrade is now being provided at no charge to all new and existing owners of Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors. Whilst other manufacturers need to release new generations of products to support this feature, Trinnov’s unique software-based platform, designed for sustainability with unprecedented power and upgradability, requires no hardware change. The upgrade is available through a simple online download that is typically completed in under 15 minutes.

DTS:X is an immersive object-oriented audio format that can provide astoundingly high spatial resolution and imaging. Prior to the introduction of DTS:X Pro, DTS:X for the home was limited to only 11 main channels plus LFE, typically in a 7.1.4 configuration. Trinnov’s unique implementation of DTS:X Pro enables discrete rendering of the full DTS:X complement of 30.2 channels, up to the channel capacity of each individual processor.

Trinnov’s Altitude32 processor is the only consumer processor capable of discretely rendering the 26 unique channels of the ISE demonstration system. Processors based on traditional DSP-based platforms are currently limited to 16 discrete channels. This is significant because systems with higher speaker counts provide a higher degree of spatial resolution and greater immersion, in addition to providing much greater consistency of sound among all the seats in a theater.

Introduced in 2014, Trinnov’s Altitude32 processor remains uniquely capable of up to 32 discretely rendered channels for home theater, and up to 64 independent channels to include multi-amplified speakers and multiple subwoofers when used with a separate Altitude48ext. For more modest systems, the lower-cost Altitude16 can render 16 discrete channels whilst maintaining the same benefits in terms of longevity. Both models benefit from Trinnov’s exclusive, patented technologies, including Trinnov’s Speaker/Room Optimizer and 2D/3D loudspeaker remapping.

Trinnov Releases Two New Immersive Audio Trailers

Visitors to Trinnov’s ISE demo will enjoy two unique bits of program material. These viewers and listeners will be able to experience the debut of Trinnov’s new Cinema trailer in the ISE theater, and, as a bonus, later download it for playback in their own theaters. They will also see and hear Trinnov’s Music Machine One video, which combines images of an imagined music machine with a dynamic soundtrack that takes full advantage of the capabilities of immersive audio, using multiple, active objects and DTS:X Pro playback utilizing all the loudspeakers in the room.

Trinnov Ceo Arnaud Laborie To Participate In Immersive Audio Panel

On Thursday, February 13, Trinnov’s Chairman and CEO Arnaud Laborie will participate in a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Immersive Audio.” This discussion will take place in room D201 of the RAI Amsterdam during the ISE show. Laborie is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on immersive audio, having authored multiple research papers and obtained 48 patents to support 5 basic inventions. Arnaud Laborie also authored Trinnov’s “Recommended loudspeaker positions for optimal immersive sound reproduction“, featured in The Cedia Designer software. He is presently engaged in multiple research activities for future applications and will share his experience and perspective.

The “Future of Immersive Audio” panel session will discuss where the Immersive Audio landscape sits today and how future developments will affect Home Theater designs and the experiences they deliver. The panel will be discussing topics including ‘Will MPEG-H be disruptive’, ‘How is the music industry embracing and leveraging immersive audio’, ‘Are there any differences in what is needed to reproduce music vs movie content’, ‘what is the current academic research that is pushing the boundaries’, and ‘How will the new CEDIA CEB22 Audio Design recommended practices change how we do things’.

Arnaud Laborie will be sitting alongside Peter Aylett (Archimedia), Wilfried Van Baelen (Auro Technologies), Guillaume Le Nost (L-Acoustics), Sawan Nichani (MACBEE) and Andreas Ehret (Dolby).

Alexandre Garcia Joins The Trinnov Audio Team

Alexandre Garcia, one of Europe’s leading commercial and residential audio experts, is joining the Trinnov Audio team to manage sales for Trinnov’s Cinema, High-End, and Pro Audio divisions in France.

Garcia comes to Trinnov from Bowers & Wilkins, where he was a technical consultant for smart homes and home theaters, as well as technical manager of B&W’s ID Lounge showroom.

Garcia has a Master’s degree in acoustics and is certified as a Home Acoustics Alliance HT3 Advanced Integrator. He brings 17 years of comprehensive experience to Trinnov, not only in audio solutions but also in advanced design and implementation of video, automation and enterprise-level networking systems for the high-end market.

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