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Pyramid Group – The Cavern

3 December 2019
Case Studies

The Cavern is a CEDIA award-winning project from The Pyramid group using unusual acoustic space and speaker type.

We wanted to ask Nic Black ( Pyramid managing director ) what made this truly unique and how the Altitude platform was essential in completing this project.

The Cinema We Sat In Here Is Now Known As The Cavern And It Has Evolved Over A Period Of Months In Quite An Interesting Way?

So when the client first contacted us, we were asked to look at what was a very tired cinema in the basement of this particular property and during the initial conversations, it became very clear quickly that the client was looking for something quite special and quite unique.

It was very interesting to witness the fact that the client was aware firstly of CEDIA as an organization it was very rewarding to know that an end-user is aware of CEDIA and the awards program and so there is a benchmark for quality. We are very good at creating unique environments. We like creating something that’s different, and what we’ve created within this space is truly unique.


What Were The Challenges Inherent To This Installation?

We wanted to use a speaker system that wasn’t traditionally used in the Cinema or the CI industry, so you know a normal kind of live PA type of box has a classic trapezoidal design, so, therefore, it’s much deeper, the form factor is larger. So straight away, that meant that we needed to be able to incorporate the highs and lows that were naturally created by having larger, deeper speakers within the space.

There are some very tight calculations that had to be made to number one incorporate the larger form factor speakers but in a way that obviously complied with Dolby Atmos and all the usual kind of angles and placements considerations that we needed to make.

Why Choose The Altitude 16 For This Particular Project?

Utilizing the altitude in particular in this case, the Altitude16 for this project affords us a level of tools that is unique and separate from any other DSP that we might employ. So the Trinnov does all the usual things in terms of its amazing 3D mapping, configuration, which makes our life, certainly in the outset, fantastic because it means we can take the multitude of speaker channels that we have here, and we know that we can map them to the best of the room’s capabilities.

And then it’s all about the balancing of all of the various channels, and as always with the Trinnov it provides us the best and most accurate opportunity to have the seamless audio reproduction within a perfectly calibrated acoustic space that is true to the music and the video sources that are being played.

How Unique Are The Calibration Features On The Altitude 16?

The Trinnov allows us to specifically pinpoint and calibrate the bias for each one of those seats, and that’s something I’ve not seen with any other system, and it’s fantastic. So what we’ve actually done here is we’ve created a whole series of presets the system will actually understand each of the seat placements so when you say I want a preset that is focused on the front center seat then everything is biased towards that in terms of the focal position and make sure that that seat is getting the best possible experience without the Trinnov in place we couldn’t achieve those kinds of results.

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