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The Cotswold Home Cinema project

Customer interview with Cotswold Home Cinema in the UK

1 July 2019
Case Studies

This last spring, we went to Cotswold to discuss a really challenging home cinema project from Jim Higginson-Keys, owner and founder of Costwold Home Cinema. In this interview, we'll discuss in depth how an Altitude16 AV Processor made it possible to create a perfect home cinema in such a challenging environment as a 17th century house, where the traditional methods of cinema aren't appropriate. 


Tell us a bit about this project

We looked at the design and came up with a concept of an old English drawing-room. We tried to make it into a cinema, which came with its sort of problems and compromises. The room that we were given had certain issues in terms of cinema: large windows at the rear, small windows at the side and a large fireplace.

With the efforts that we've made in design, we felt that we were able to create, in the end, what is a really superb cinema.



Why did you choose the Altitude16 for this project ?

We decided on the Altitude16 primarily because the customer wanted the best home cinema experience and we felt that the Trinnov as the main component in the cinema would give us that ability to create a fantastic home cinema experience. 

Given the room design and the room layout, we were hit with certain issues with speaker positioning. We couldn't create a textbook experience so we had to make those adjustments and compromises. 

We knew that with the room optimization of the Trinnov and the cleverness within its software, we would be able to create a flawless environment and a reference level Home Cinema.


Tell us about the integration process

In terms of set up, it was a straightforward and intuitive process. The initial setup of the Trinnov is obviously quite different from any standard AV receiver that you would use, as the Trinnov is more complex than just a plug and go.

Using the Trinnov, we could tailor the sound to what was needed for the room to make sure that it sounded as good as it possibly could. Being able to have that ability to manipulate the sound over and above, the optimization of the Trinnov itself, just added that little extra to the sound. 


How was your experience using the wizard setup procedure ?

We used the wizard initially, which was very straightforward. Using the mic, we could obviously see what was going on the screen, which was really nice. We could see the speaker placements and where it wanted to put them. 

It made a massive difference because we had a right surround speaker that wasn't in quite the correct position, but that was the compromise of the room. We knew that obviously the Trinnov would in essence put it in the right place, and that's what it did. The Trinnov ensures that the customer gets the best experience and he was absolutely blown away. I think one comment that we had regarding music was that it was like listening to music for the first time. You hear every detail, every breath, every pin drop, you hear everything and you don't always get that.


How was your experience with Trinnov's support ?

In terms of backup and support, it’s been fantastic. When we had an issue, the guys back at head office can log in and sort out the issue remotely. That's all been done quickly, effortlessly, without too much trouble on our part as an installer. It's really nice and refreshing to know that we've got that backup and support for the equipment that we're putting in as well, it makes the whole install process and the after-sales support a breeze. 

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