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Cedia Expo 2018 Report

26 September 2018

This year CEDIA Expo in San Diego was a very successful one for Trinnov and the first one under our US outpost: Trinnov Incorporated. Along with introducing to the market the long-awaited 48 channel Extension, Trinnov was, as usual, the processing of choice for some of the lead speaker manufacturers in the industry including :

  • Kaleidescape
  • Golden Ear Technologies
  • Bowers & Wilkins

As well this was our first-time co-exhibiting with High-End Reference speaker manufacturer Wisdom Audio over a beautiful 9.4.6 built by Home Theater Environment and featuring the industry standard Altitude32.


  • 6 Line Two Source Surrounds
  • 4 STS RTL Subwoofers
  • 6 Point Two Overhead Channels
  • 4 Trinnov Amplitude Amplifiers
  • Trinnov Altitude 32 Processor
  • HTE The Storm Acoustic environment
  • Seymour Screen Excellence 160
  • Sony Projector VPL-VW5000ES
  • Kaleidescape

Watch the video here or on our Youtube channel featuring short clips from world-renowned calibrators and integrators like Gerry Lemay from Home Acoustics Alliance and Adam Pelz from Bespoke Cinema:

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