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Alcons to use WaveForming at CEDIA Expo 2023

31 August 2023

Alcons is coming back to CEDIA Expo with its famous Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience.


This year, Walter Zenzaru, specialized in AudioVisual Systems Design & Optimization, along with Alcons, decided to implement Trinnov’s latest technology, WaveForming as part of their Cinema Reference Monitor 11.x.6 system. 


The low frequency will be reproduced by a 4x4 (8x 18” sealed) double subwoofer array. With WaveForming, each subwoofer will be individually calibrated and optimized to ensure the highest possible level of control, accuracy, and consistency for the entire listening area. The audio decoding and processing, including WaveForming and loudspeaker/Room optimization for all the other speakers, will be performed by an Altitude32 24-channel processor.




On the video side, you should also expect quite an extraordinary experience with the following equipment par of the demonstration:


  • Christie Griffyn AS provided by Absolute Ultimate AV
  • MadVR Envy Processor
  • Dreamscreen Ultraweave Studio X1 350 cm wide 16:9


Come by for a demo and to meet the team in sound room 9

More information can be found on Alcons website.

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