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Hank Linderman

This last April we went to Los-Angeles to interview veteran music producer and mixer Hank Linderman on using The Trinnov ST2 in his studio and how it has become an integral part of his workflow. Hank has been an independent recording engineer in Los Angeles for more than 30 years and worked over the years with a lot of amazing clients including America Chicago The Eagles and Diana Krall.

How did you first hear about Trinnov?

So I was working with Timothy Schmidt on his most recent record which is called leap of faith, and we had a track we were working on that we had been mixing and adding bits to and Chris from Vintage King brought the optimizer out and hooked it up for us, so we thought let’s listen to this mix we’re working on: and we listened and it sounded terrible, our first reaction then was: what’s wrong with this box? I said hang on let’s listen to something we know is really good and we pulled out a Steely Dan record and listen to it: and the clarity was just stunning! I mean the clarity was so good that I felt like I could identify whether it was a man or a woman playing a shaker on the left-hand side of the mix it was a record I was very familiar with and was hearing things I had never heard before.

How adding a Trinnov System in your monitoring chain changed the way you perceive sound?

I spent a lot of time re-listening to my favorite music and in fact I when I want to be re-inspired I go out and listen to music through the Trinnov because it’s so pleasant and inspiring. When you’re working in the studio a lot, day after day it’s difficult to go back in the room the next day, but the Trinnov ST2¬†Pro is a box that gets you excited to show up at work the next morning it makes you excited to start working again.

How can the Active correction of the Trinnov St2 complement the acoustic treatment of a room?

Because I grew up working in home studios I was always used to fighting the room and dealing with compromises. For all of us that work in smaller space this gives us a competitive edge it brings us up into the realm of being able to compete with people that work in much bigger rooms. I have found that there are certain aspects even if you’ve got an unlimited budget for speakers and room treatment, there are certain phase distortions you can’t get rid of and it seems to me the Trinnov fixes those so even if your room is state-of-the-art even if your speakers are state-of-the-art, I believe you would see some strong improvements using a Trinnov system.

Watch the complete interview here or on our YouTube Channel!

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