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Widescreen Review Altitude32 Test

8 July 2016
Reviews & Awards

I've Never Heard Music Sound Better than it Sounds through the Altitude32

In the issue 208 of Widescreen Review, Doug Blackburn tested the Altitude32 thoroughly.

We selected just a couple of extracts for you.

Music Listening

In a word, music through the Altitude 32 was heavenly. I never heard anything but complete neutrality and every little detail present in the music. I've never heard music sound better than it sounds through the Altitude32


The Altitude 32 sounds as good as or better than any surround processor in my experience. Installed well, using all the measurement and correction capabilities, the Altitude 32 can be tuned to produce better sound in your room than you can get from any other system  controller/surround processor in my experience. If the Altitude 32 fits within your equipment budget, you can’t go wrong. The combination of precision, sound quality, flexibility, adjustability, and stability the Altitude 32 offers are unbeatable.

You can buy the full review here : Altitude32 review in WSR

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