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Trinnov MC Processor Review In Resolution Magazine

7 June 2018
Reviews & Awards

In This Month's Resolution Magazine, Veteran Re-Recording Mixer Mike Aiton Reviewed Our Beloved Trinnov MC Processor With The Help Of Supervising Sound Editor Mike Wabro (Game Of Thrones) And Re-Recording Mixer John York (The Bill)


Some highlights from the full review:

I played the reference recordings without the Trinnov to Mike and John to allow them to get used to my monitoring environment. John has LCR Dynaudio BM15s in his studio, Mike has 5.1 JBL LSR monitors, which are quite different. We then listened to each track with the Trinnov correction.

The difference was night and day. To say there were three jaws hitting the floor is no exaggeration. The timing of bass and kick drums was brought sharply into focus and lost any vagueness and approximation. Gone was any bass bloat and bloom. The imaging dramatically improved, with a very firm focused phantom center image (when listening to stereo mixes). The tonality of good mixes sounded even better and more equal. Reverbs and delays were sharper and more apparent. The dynamics and timing, in general, were much tighter.

On listening to simple voice and piano recordings, you could hear how the piano was miked and the resulting stereo image shift as notes were played up and down the keyboard. Vocals sounded less like a recording and more like a performance, and we could hear clearly that some of the vocals were edited from different takes.

In surround, the imaging was even more startling, and some mistakes in mixing and some poor choices began to be audible, especially with dialogue relative to atmosphere balances, and dialogue EQ. The Trinnov made a source panned around the room completely pinpoint accurate AND consistent like I have never heard before.

Read the whole review here on Resolution Magazine website


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