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Sound+Image Altitude16 Review & Award (Australia)

16 March 2018
Reviews & Awards

Above and beyond

Stephen Dawson from the Austrlaian magazine Sound+Image reviewed both the Altitude16 and Amplitude8m.

Both products were given a highly commanded award.

Here are a few extracts.


How high can you go? Whether you're talking soundfield height, or the heights of quality, this Trinnov combo has you covered.

  • As powerful and versatile a system as possible.
  • Very high-end performance


In a break from reviewing the Trinnov pair, I visited the Melbourne F1, and I found myself looking at Lewis Hamilton's car laid bare as the mechanices did their stuff. And it occured to me that the Trinnov Altitude16 is to other home theater equipement as Hamilton's Mercedes is to, say, the Mercedes safety car.

It is for those who want the very highest performance, and the very highest levels of adjustment to specific circumstances. Hotse after those things won't be diasppointed here.7

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