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Multiple demonstrations using Altitude at ISE 2024

24 January 2024

In addition to our main ISE 2024 demonstration, we are proud to support multiple speaker manufacturers with Altitude processors at the upcoming ISE 2024 in Barcelona:

  • Alcons will be using an Altitude32 and WaveForming on booth #7F440
  • K-Array will be using an Altitude16 on booth #2J300
  • PMC will be using an Altitude32 on booth #2C700

We would like to thank these partners for their continued trust.

Alcons on booth #7F440

Following a very successful demonstration at CEDIA 2023, Alcons Audio and ZENZARU decided to repeat the partnership with Trinnov at ISE 2024, with a slightly different design approach.

In partnership with Dreamscreeen and Sony who will provide a GTZ380, the loudspeaker system will consist of multiple stacks of QB363 mk2 in a double bass array configuration to leverage the power of WaveForming, with additional LFE18 at the front.

Make sure you do not miss this demonstration which promises to be a sonic delight.

Check this video regarding the CEDIA 2023 demo:

K-Array on booth #2J300

K-Array will not only be present in hall 7 with other PA manufacturers but confirms its commitment to the residential market with a second booth in hall 2 where they will present their unique audio solutions for the residential space.

We are proud to partner with K-Array following our very effective and combined efforts to provide suitable sound solutions to microLED displays such as Samsung’s the Wall, as well as our most recent collaboration in Vietnam to deliver incredible performance with WaveForming.

PMC on booth #2C700

Right across the aisle from our booth #2C500 will be our partner PMC with whom we are partnering for the second time in a row.

PMC and Trinnov share many customers in the pro audio market and are, like Trinnov, very much involved with content makers on a daily basis, helping artists to deliver the content music and movie enthusiasts enjoy every day on their 2-channel or home theater system.

At ISE, PMC will be presenting their CI series in a full Dolby Atmos presentation and will have a mix engineer on their booth to deliver talks about the use of Dolby Atmos in music.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this demonstration. 

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