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AVForums updates its Altitude16 Review

26 February 2021
Reviews & Awards

AVForums revisit their 2018 review of the Altitude16 and confirm reference Status.

The Altitude Platform is unique in its ability to continuously improve over the long term.

Although customers who purchased an Altitude16 in 2018 enjoy the same functionality and experience as a 2021 buyer, the Altitude16 is not the same now as it was in 2018.

This is why an updated review was necessary.

"It’s quite simply the most sophisticated and flexible processor I’ve ever experienced, and Trinnov's background in immersive 3D audio is very evident."

"The Altitude16 is a genuinely awesome AV processor, and in terms of setup, features, and performance is second to none."

You can read our post from the initial review here and the full updated review on the AVForums website here

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