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Audiogene introduces WaveForming in Brazil

6 March 2024
Case Studies

Our Brazilian distributor Audiogene introduced WaveForming to South America during an exceptional presentation

Last February, our distributor in Brazil hosted a dealer event and press presentation of WaveForming in their newly upgraded showroom.

Audiogene’s Experience Center is located in Sao Paulo and features multiple rooms to showcase the comprehensive range of solutions they offer to their dealers. The facility is truly world-class and impresses by its elegant design and impressive performance.

Among the various rooms, Paris and Los Angeles were both upgraded, now respectively featuring an Altitude16 and an Altitude32, and both using Amplitude16 Power amplifiers.

Paris Showroom

System Description

The highlight of the event was the presentation of WaveForming in the Paris showroom, purposely upgraded to a compliant subwoofer layout, utilizing 14x SVS 3000 In-Wall subwoofers, driven with 7 individual outputs (5 front and 2 rear sub channels) and their own amplifiers.

The rest of the loudspeaker system features Focal Utopia 1000 series speakers for the screen, surround and top channels, driven by a Trinnov Amplitude16.

A Trinnov Altitude16 drives the 9.7.4 system using the +4 option.

Room design & dimensions

3D Render of the Paris Showroom

The room design and structure provides both impressive isolation and acoustic treatment to maximize performance. The interior measures 6.6 meters long, 2.7 meters high and 5.5 meters wide, and features two rows of seating.


One of the challenges and purpose of WaveForming was therefore to deliver powerful and consistent bass to the 4 person seating in the sofa at the front as well as the 4 person at the rear, sitting behind the bar on stools.

Renato Mateus (Audiogene) and Arnaud Destinay (Trinnov)

Renato Mateus from Audiogene, who drove the project, calibrated the room with Arnaud Destinay who was representing Trinnov at the event.

They performed a total of 18 measurements (3 full-system measurements and 15 subwoofer measurements) to enable WaveForming.


Amplitude Response before WaveForming

Amplitude Response after WaveForming

The result was as expected with great consistency and control between the two rows, which all attendants were able to experience during the demonstration playing various clips.

WaveForming was set to average decay control, which delivered increased precision across the whole spectrum without making the bass too tight. This accommodated movies and music alike with greater definition and extension of the low frequencies.

Despite having only 2 discrete outputs to control the rear subwoofer array, the latest pressurization mode was enabled to maximize the acoustic pressure felt at all seats and increase the impact.


Los Angeles Showroom

The second demonstration was held in Audiogene’s flagship cinema, featuring Wisdom Audio speakers, subwoofers as well as extra SVS subwoofers at the front.

Los Angeles Showroom

The focus was put on the significant improvement brought by the Altitude32 and the Optimizer technology compared to the previous configuration in this room. 

Our proprietary 3D Loudspeaker remapping function made a dramatic difference to spatialization with speakers disappearing completely to envelop the audience in a sonic bubble and immerse them into the movies.

Congratulations to Audiogene

Not only Audiogene executed the upgrades of the rooms with talent and efficiency but the entire team ran the dealer event in a very professional manner.

Trinnov is extremely grateful to be Audiogene’s partner and would like to thank the team for their hard work, making the introduction of WaveForming in South America a great success.

We look forward to assisting the many WaveForming projects being developed in Brazil in the near future.

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