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Altitude16 review in hometheaterreview.com

In this month edition of Home Theater Review, Dennis Burger gets deep into the Altitude 16, with a really in-depth and overall constructive review.

Some Highlights :

I've explored this virtual open world via so many AV receivers and preamps that I can't be bothered to count them all and through any number of diverse speaker configurations. But never have I experienced it with this level of holistic sonic transparency. It's the difference between, say, 95 percent perfect and absolute perfection. But then again, the Altitude16 is made for people for whom 95 percent isn't enough.

I've joked at times before about being upset over having to return a piece of review gear, but more often than not, it's just that: a light bit of fun. With the Trinnov Altitude16 Home Theater Preamp/Optimizer, though, this is no joking matter. I'm literally miffed about having to box this beast up in a few days and ship it back to its manufacturer. I've been to the promised land and I don't take kindly to being kicked out.

Read the full review here

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