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Technical Article

Trinnov Optimizer Features: According To L&R & Excursion Curve

15 January 2021

Posted in: Technical Article

Multi-use, multichannel audio systems are definitely in the ascendancy. People are spending more time in their homes due to government restriction im... Continue reading ⟶

How many rows of seats are in your home theater?

11 December 2020

Posted in: Technical Article

This may seem like an odd question. But it should be one of the first questions you ask yourself when designing a high-performance home theater. Why?... Continue reading ⟶

Does Room Correction Remove A Loudspeaker’s Sound Characteristics?

17 November 2020

Posted in: Technical Article

We often hear this question from customers across all markets. We will do our best to answer this question as clearly as possible in this article. Le... Continue reading ⟶

Trinnov Speaker Layout Guide

17 July 2020

Posted in: Trinnov Insiders | Product News | Technical Article

We would like to share with you our updated speaker layout guide introduction. A short declination of the full document we offer to our partners that... Continue reading ⟶

Impulse Response Measurement Explained

24 July 2019

Posted in: Technical Article

Trinnov was founded to do fundamental research into three-dimensional sound. Even the name “Trinnov Audio” derives from “Tri” (the prefix for ... Continue reading ⟶

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